Release Notes

The latest release is available on the download page.

2012-08-31 - 0.8.41 and 0.8.42 for AMO
  • TB15 broke the addon, this is the fix.
2011-09-27 - 0.8.38 (AMO only)
  • this release is identical to 0.8.37 but is downloaded via AMO
2011-09-26 - 0.8.37
  • photo-sync temporarily disabled
  • google photo sync: assertion failure: syncfsm.js:6840, expected local copy of google photo when updating tb contact
2011-07-10 - 0.8.36
  • photo filenames without extensions cause an assertion failure
2011-07-05 - 0.8.35
  • google photo sync: NS_ERROR_FAILURE nsIMIMEService.getTypeFromFile
2011-06-26 - 0.8.34
  • support for Thunderbird version 5
  • tb5 bug when creating a new account: attempt to run a compile-and-go script on a cleared scope
2011-06-26 - 0.8.33 (AMO only)
  • this release is identical to 0.8.29 except for the following changes:
  • support for Thunderbird version 5
  • tb5 bug when creating a new account: attempt to run a compile-and-go script on a cleared scope
2011-05-03 - 0.8.31 and 0.8.32
  • google photo sync
2011-04-26 - 0.8.30
  • catch and report google contacts api bug 2351
  • account settings dialog isn’t completely visibile on a netbook
  • can’t set property * in XMLList
2010-09-21 - 0.8.29 (AMO only)
  • same as 0.8.28 but for AMO
2010-09-17 - 0.8.28
  • locale added: sv-SK Swedish / Svenska (Mikael Hiort af Ornäs)
  • Zimbra: args.a_remote_update_package[i] is undefined zmsoapdocument.js:354
2010-09-14 - 0.8.27
  • postal address migration + field migration throws assertion syncfsm.js:5143
  • support for Postbox 2.*
  • recover from lastsync.txt corruption instead of throwing assertion filesystem.js:163
2010-09-09 - 0.8.26 (AMO only)
  • same as 0.8.25 but for AMO
2010-09-05 - 0.8.25 and 0.8.26 (AMO)
  • slow-sync mismatch - different contacts might occasionally be paired
  • assertion failure syncfsm.js:4131
  • Google: assertion failure during field migration of a suggested contact
  • Zimbra: edit account GAL menulist doesn’t work properly
2010-07-07 - 0.8.24 (AMO only)
  • same as 0.8.23 but for AMO
2010-07-06 - 0.8.23
  • support for Postbox Express
2010-07-04 - 0.8.21 (AMO only)
  • support for Spicebird 0.8
2010-06-28 - 0.8.20
  • display an error message when mozilla bug 564554 can’t be worked around
  • XML descendants internal method called on incompatible Object syncfsm.js:7772
2010-06-05 - 0.8.19
  • Google: users sometimes create group names that match system groups
  • Zimbra: cater for when a zimbra contact maps to an empty thunderbird contact
2010-05-31 - 0.8.18
  • workaround for Thunderbird bug 564554
2010-05-25 - 0.8.17
  • preference added: as_chunk_size_scale - for folk with very large addressbooks and slow computers
  • only one migration at a time
  • Zimbra: assertion failure following drag+drop in Zimbra web client
2010-05-03 - 0.8.16
  • red icon in the statusbar when there’s a problem (instead of ‘X’)
  • hu-HU new/edit dialog cause assertion failure
  • uninstall to clear preferences and password manager entries
  • Google: assertion failure when: a) migrating field properties and b) gd_suggested changes to ignore
  • Zimbra: catch invalid birthday formats (generated by Zimbra versions 6.0-6.06)
2010-04-18 - 0.8.15
  • sync birthday field
  • sync Google groups with Thunderbird addressbooks
  • ask for confirmation if user deletes all contacts then syncs
  • support for postbox 1.1
  • configurable logfile rotation
  • ignore invalid birthday field values
  • assertion failure: when tb3 drag+drop from google account #2
  • help web pages appear in tb dialog rather than browser (workaround for mozilla bug 263433)
  • repeat sync of zimbra account if sync of google account modified Thunderbird
  • store local state in UTF-8
  • translations of text.confirm.erase are missing
  • reset migration status when an earlier version is installed
  • Google: better handling of http status code: 401 Invalid Token
  • Google: email addresses must only contain chars that are valid in XML
  • Google: hide system groups for google apps accounts
  • Google: <id> elements sometimes contain http and sometimes https (1915)
  • Google: information dialog for new users re: slow sync
  • Google: retry when authorization token is invalidated
  • Google: sync Thunderbird Home+Work Web Page (urls) fields with the Google v3 API equivalents
  • Zimbra: assertion failure when server doesn’t provide a <change> element
  • Zimbra: display better error message when server says TOO_MANY_CONTACTS
  • Zimbra: rename of shared folder in TB triggers assertion failure on next sync
2009-11-29 - 0.8.14
  • support for postbox 1.1.*
2009-10-31 - 0.8.13 (AMO only)
  • support for Thunderbird 3.0.*
  • support for SeaMonkey 2.0.*
2009-07-19 - 0.8.12
  • Spicebird support
  • Zimbra: assertion failure when address line one empty and address line two populated
2009-07-12 - 0.8.11
  • Postbox support
  • recognise the translations of “Personal Address Book” when abook.mab not present
  • assertion failure if user renames “Personal Address Book” to match an existing addressbook
  • tb3beta2 assertion failure in addressbook.js: 841 on the next sync after a server failure
  • Google: bug #997 handled by referring users to Google’s bug url
  • Google: POSTed contacts should not contain deleted groupMembershipInfo elements
  • Google: require manual confirmation if all Google contacts are to be deleted
  • Zimbra: url path after [^] produces unexpected results
  • Zimbra: server version string should appear in the logfile
  • Zimbra: improve performance on server update
2009-05-21 - 0.8.10
  • Zimbra: assertion failure when abook.mab has a name beginning with ‘zindus’
  • Zimbra: account GAL yes/no/maybe menulist appeared black
2009-03-24 - 0.8.9
  • assertion failure for some users following upgrade from pre-0.8.5
2009-03-23 - 0.8.8
  • locale added: hu-HU Hungarian / Magyar (LG)
  • Google: postal xml feature was broken for new contacts
  • Google: space in Thunderbird contact field causes error: “Missing required text content”
  • Google: include/ignore suggested contacts resets to ‘include’ on restart
2009-02-24 - 0.8.7
  • support for Thunderbird 3.0b2
  • locale added: uk-UA Ukrainian / украї́нська мо́ва (Nazar Pelenjo aka nazar_ko)
  • Assertion failure in the presence of two addressbooks named “Personal Address Book”
  • Google: assertion failure when contact contains certain 3-byte UTF-8 sequences
  • Google: assertion failure when contact contains multiple <organization> of same ‘rel’
2009-01-29 - 0.8.6
  • locale added: cs-CZ Czech / Česky (fik)
  • locale added: nl-NL Dutch / Nederlands (Joost de Bruijn)
  • locale added: pt-BR Portuguese/Português (Brazil - Luiz)
  • Google Suggested Contacts: include/ignore
  • bugfix: Google: underscores should be allowed in email addresses
  • bugfix: changed the keys used in nsIPasswordManager
2008-12-22 - 0.8.5
  • locale added: it-IT Italian / Italiano  (Ruggero)
  • SeaMonkey 2.x
  • support for Thunderbird 3.0b1
  • preference to allow the addon to work in Thunderbird pre releases
  • bugfix: Google: assertion failure when conflict contact has an email address containing ‘&’
  • bugfix: Google: Thunderbird fields consisting of spaces should be considered empty
  • bugfix: Google: postal address must not be empty
  • bugfix: Zimbra: FirstName/LastName missing from cards in zindus>GAL
  • bugfix: recover gracefully if account preferences become garbled
  • bugfix: better support for large addressbooks (5000+ contacts)
  • bugfix: An invalid XML character was found in the element content of the document
2008-11-09 - 0.8.4
  • bugfix: Google: assertion failure if 409 conflict arises from email addresses having different alphabetic case
  • bugfix: Google: no rule violation if a contact has the same email address in multiple fields
2008-10-31 - 0.8.3
  • locale added: de-DE German / Deutsch (Daniel Kaneider)
  • bugfix: Google: Company and Title fields should map to Thunderbird Work Organization and Title (rel=”other” vs rel=”work”)
  • bugfix: Google: conflict management should cater for Google contacts with >2 email addresses
  • bugfix: Google: a failure to delete a contact when resolving rule violations should redisplay the rule violation UI
2008-10-24 - 0.8.2
  • bugfix: Google: conflict resolution fails with “a_gcch[key] has no properties”
  • bugfix: Google: partial workaround to Google’s occasional failure to report a contact deletion
2008-10-23 - 0.8.1
  • bugfix: Google: sync with zindus/ shouldn’t test for presence of Personal Address Book
2008-10-21 - 0.8.0
  • sync multiple accounts: one Zimbra + multiple Google
  • support for Thunderbird 3.0a3
  • locale added: gl-ES Galician / Galego (Fran Diéguez)
  • locale added: fr-FR French / Français (myahoo, jojaba)
  • performance improvements
  • UI improvements (Settings)
  • UI improvements (statusbar icon responds to mouse clicks)
  • UI improvements (Google rule violations)
  • no longer need to restart Thunderbird to ensure settings are in effect
  • bugfix: Zimbra: assertion failure when addressbook is deleted in Thunderbird and contact added in Zimbra
  • bugfix: Zimbra: assertion failure when folder doesn’t have an ms attribute
  • bugfix: Zimbra: assertion failure when conflict over a shared folder
  • bugfix: Zimbra: empty passwords not supported: should report authentication failure
  • bugfix: Zimbra: deleting and creating an addressbook in a single sync not currently supported
  • bugfix: Google: GET prior to a modify contact should be forced https
  • bugfix: Google: handle 404 after GET contact
  • bugfix: Google: cater for elements that don’t have a ‘primary’ attribute
  • bugfix: Google: newline encoding causes mismatch on slow sync
  • bugfix: Google: lowercase-uppercase normalisation is missing - resulting in a 409 conflict
  • bugfix: Google: contact email addresses incorrectly normalised to lowercase
  • bugfix: Thunderbird deleteCards occasionally throws exception
  • bugfix: assertion failure when Thunderbird addressbook is closed while sync is in progress
  • bugfix: rename thunderbird addressbook should work independently of whether the addresbook UI is open or not
2008-08-10 - 0.7.10
  • bugfix: Accounts window on Linux doesn’t save prefs when opened via Tools/Addons/Preferences
  • bugfix: Zimbra: assertion failure after migration of accounts created in version 0.6.19 or earlier
2008-08-05 - 0.7.9
  • Thunderbird 3.0a2
  • Google: report constraint violations in
  • bugfix: error message indicating extension likely wont work with Thunderbird 3.0 pre-releases
  • bugfix: improve warning message for reserved/internal addressbook name clash
  • bugfix: Addressbook/folder name clash: zindus_pab
  • bugfix: Thunderbird deleteCards occasionally throws exception
  • bugfix: Google: contacts may map to completely empty Thunderbird contacts
  • bugfix: Zimbra: assertion when referencing shared folders owned by different users
2008-07-01 - 0.7.8
  • Google: feature to sync postal address with Thunderbird
  • Google: use https for data transfer by default
  • Google: improvements to conflict reporting
  • Zimbra: support for
  • bugfix: Google: some sequences of conflicts require a reset
  • bugfix: Google: Cannot request contacts belonging to another user - fixed
  • bugfix: Google: large addressbook triggers stop/continue dialog
  • bugfix: Google: assertion when conflict and contact PrimaryEmail and DisplayName are empty
  • bugfix: Zimbra: assertion failure in the presence of a Thunderbird “zindus/” addressbook
  • bugfix: Zimbra: some bad login URLs cause assertion instead of graceful failure
  • bugfix: Zimbra: zimbra 4.5.4 doesn’t return a SOAP header in certain circumstances
  • bugfix: intermittent: PrefId unavailable immediately after creating a tb addressbook
  • bugfix: log the OS and other platform details to help debug platform-specific issues
  • bugfix: SyncWindow wasn’t opened modally
  • bugfix: break up slow sync twinning to avoid stop/continue dialog on slow computers
  • bugfix: cancel immediately after Sync Now could trigger a race condition
  • bugfix: avoid use of variable/function names likely to clash with other extensions
  • bugfix: misconfigured proxy setting results in an assertion failure instead of a “check proxy” message
2008-05-21 - 0.7.7
  • some users saw an assertion failure after upgrade to 0.7.6 - default preference missing
2008-05-20 - 0.7.6
  • Thunderbird 3.0a1
  • “manual sync only” preference replaced with “auto sync”
  • Zimbra: performance improvements: fewer network requests
  • Zimbra: contact merge
  • bugfix: digital signing of .xpi updates was broken
  • bugfix: cancel sometimes doesn’t clean up
  • bugfix: test login fails in certain circumstances
  • bugfix: Google: DEL/MOD conflict causes sync failure
  • bugfix: Zimbra: MOD of a non-Thunderbird attribute triggers assertion failure
2008-04-30 - 0.7.5
  • bugfix: second MOD lost when two remote MODs in a row
  • bugfix: avoid use of const kPersonalAddressbookURI - also used in other extensions
  • bugfix: test login fails in certain circumstances
  • bugfix: Google: contact transformations should apply during slow sync
  • bugfix: Google: passwords containing certain RFC 3986 reserved characters didn’t work
  • bugfix: Google: usernames that aren’t email addresses can authenticate but not GET
2008-04-18 - 0.7.4 (AMO only)
  • bugfix: Google: empty contacts don’t sync
  • bugfix: Google: contact fields require leading+trailing whitespace trim
  • bugfix: Google: informative error messages when server responds with 4xx
2008-04-16 - 0.7.3
  • bugfix: timer does not correctly initiate Google sync
2008-04-16 - 0.7.2
  • bugfix: timer does not correctly initiate Zimbra sync
  • bugfix: preference timerDelayOnStart wasn’t being respected
2008-04-15 - 0.7.1
  • Google: initial release
  • Zimbra: shared addressbooks
  • Zimbra: soapURL support
  • bugfix: progress dialog report misses a step
  • bugfix: sync failure in presence of mailing list
  • bugfix: contact versioning incorrect in certain circumstances
  • bugfix: deleting certain contact fields in zimbra left the thunderbird contact unchanged
  • bugfix: incorrectly ignoring mailing lists and their cards
  • bugfix: MOD/DEL conflict caused data inconsistency
2008-02-28 - 0.6.19
  • bugfix: duplicate after slow sync when thunderbird contact NickName populated
  • bugfix: sync lost after adding a folder and moving a contact into it
  • bugfix: sync lost after mod/del folder X and contact moved into a new folder Y
2008-02-21 - 0.6.18
  • preference to enable/disable zindus>GAL addressbook
  • “Emailed Contacts” addressbook is localized in the following locales: da, de, es, fr, it, ja, ko, pl, pt, ru, sv, zh_CN, zh_HK
  • bugfix: SyncGalRequest always called with no token
  • bugfix: adding user on server makes the zindus>GAL addressbook shrink
2008-01-07 - 0.6.17
  • support for Zimbra 5.x
  • copy the logfile before Reset
  • element provided in in SOAP header
  • bugfix: DEL/sync/sync - the last sync “gets” the deleted contacts even though they are in the Trash
  • bugfix: moving a folder to Trash causes internal consistency failure
  • bugfix: contacts in a folder in the Trash are unnecessarily retrieved
  • bugfix: graceful handling of trailing ‘/’ in soapURL
  • bugfix: assertion failure when ‘immutable’ Contacts folder on server changes
2007-12-14 - 0.6.16
  • bugfix: use localized “Personal Address Book”
  • bugfix: ldap addressbook throws uncaught exception
  • bugfix: deleting thunderbird Emailed Contacts causes assertion failure when immutable on server
  • bugfix: thunderbird address book with the same name as a zimbra shared addressbook causes infinite loop
  • new: localization support
2007-12-04 - 0.6.15
  • the “verbose logging” preference now defaults to “true”.
2007-12-02 - 0.6.14
  • preference keys are now extensions.zindus.* Old zindus.* preferences are migrated.
  • bugfix: time appeared to go backwards on Linux startup forcing a sync sooner than scheduled
  • the update manifest for xpi’s downloaded from is now digitally signed (updateKey)
2007-11-06 - 0.6.12
  • public release (beta)