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sync Google groups with Thunderbird addressbooks

9 Nov 2009 by leni | 43 Comments

The addon now syncs Google Groups with Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Postbox and Spicebird addressbooks.  The feature is available in release 0.8.15 and later.
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slow sync and transparent behaviour

6 Nov 2009 by leni | 13 Comments

Two users recently tweeted that the addon creates duplicates.

If the addon really created duplicates it’d be a serious bug.  Neither of these folk filed a bug report so it’s impossible to know for sure.

But while bugs are always possible, it’s far more likely that these reports reflect a misalignment between expectations and the reality of slow sync.

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spicebird contact sync

19 Jul 2009 by leni | 5 Comments

Today’s 0.8.12 release of the addon supports Google and Zimbra contact sync for Spicebird.

Spicebird is a mozilla-derived mail client from Synovel, which bundles Spicebird with their enterprise messaging collaboration product, CollabSuite.

Postbox contact sync

6 Jul 2009 by leni | 11 Comments

Google and Zimbra contact sync for Postbox is now supported by the addon.

Update 2009-07-12. This feature has moved out of testing into production (0.8.11).  Thanks to everyone who provided feedback!

Postbox is a mozilla-derived mail client with loads of features.  The company behind the client, Postbox Inc is a San Francsico-based startup founded by former Mozilla employees.

The Zindus addon currently uses the same Address Book backend for Postbox and Thunderbird, so if you read ‘Thunderbird’ in the FAQ, it’ll probably apply to Postbox too.

Google bug 997

2 Jul 2009 by leni | 1 Comment

If you’re visiting this page because you clicked on a link in the addon, you’ve encountered Google GData bug 997.
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Hungarian translation

23 Mar 2009 by leni | 2 Comments

Thanks to LG for the Hungarian translation, available in the 0.8.8 release.

Eudora contact sync

3 Mar 2009 by leni | No Comments

Eudora was a tremendously popular email client in it’s heyday and it still has lots of loyal users.  Nowadays, Eudora is essentially Thunderbird with a Eudora skin.

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Thunderbird 3 beta2 and new locale: uk-UA

24 Feb 2009 by leni | 12 Comments

Today’s 0.8.7 release includes support for the latest beta release of Thunderbird 3.

The addon has been translated into Ukranian (thanks to nazar_ko).

Bugfixes are listed in the release notes.

cs-CZ, nl-NL, pt-BR

29 Jan 2009 by leni | No Comments

Today’s 0.8.6 release includes three new translations:

  • Czech: cs-CZ - thanks to fik
  • Dutch: nl-NL - thanks to: Joost de Bruijn
  • Brazilian portuguese: pt-BR - thanks to Luiz

For Google users, the release allows duplicate contacts and supports include/ignore of Suggested contacts.

Bugfixes are listed in the  release notes.

Synchronizing Google Contacts gets better with API v2

21 Jan 2009 by leni | 4 Comments

The zindus addon now uses version 2 of the Google Contacts API, which enables two new features:
* include/ignore of Suggested Contacts; and
* duplicate contacts.

Where Version 1 of Google’s Contacts API required users to de-duplicate contacts before establishing sync, Version 2 has no such requirement.

This allows the zindus addon to establish sync with Google immediately.  The dialog that enforced Google’s no-duplicate rule remains only to fix empty contacts.    Contact de-duplication can happen later or not at all.

These features are currently in testing, and will be in the 0.8.6 release.

Congratulations to the engineering talent at Google - great work!