zindus end of life

10 Jul 2013 by leni | No Comments

The zindus add-on is coming to the end of it’s life.

I’ve written about the reasons for why I’m winding back my involvement with the addon here:

The current release of the add-on won’t be updated unless any security or stability issues emerge.

And when Thunderbird 24 is released around 17th of September 2013, the add-on won’t upgrade.


Google Contacts API bug 2649

5 Jul 2011 by leni | 1 Comment

If you are visiting this page because you encountered an error in the addon and clicked on a link, you’ve stumbled across Google Contacts API bug 2649.

The bug relates to the use of Google photo sync. A workaround is in addon versions 0.8.35 or later. Upgrade the addon in the normal way (Tools/Addons/Find Updates) and sync should work fine.

Google Contacts API bug 2351

24 Apr 2011 by leni | No Comments

If you’re visiting this page because you clicked on a link in the addon, you’ve encountered a race condition in the Google Contacts API. The bug has been reported to Google: bug 2531.


Zimbra 6.x birthday field

29 Apr 2010 by leni | 12 Comments

For Zimbra users, here is a brief explanation for why sync of birthday field between Thunderbird 3 and Zimbra was added in 0.8.15 and why it will likely be removed in 0.8.16.

google bug 1915

30 Mar 2010 by leni | 3 Comments

If the addon reports an assertion failure on line:


then you have encountered google bug 1915.

Firefox contact sync

30 Nov 2009 by leni | 22 Comments

A question: is anyone interested in Firefox contact sync?

As an experiment, the testing release of the addon now includes a built-in SQLite addressbook that syncs with Google and Zimbra.

sync Google groups with Thunderbird addressbooks

9 Nov 2009 by leni | 43 Comments

The addon now syncs Google Groups with Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Postbox and Spicebird addressbooks.  The feature is available in release 0.8.15 and later.

slow sync and transparent behaviour

6 Nov 2009 by leni | 13 Comments

Two users recently tweeted that the addon creates duplicates.

If the addon really created duplicates it’d be a serious bug.  Neither of these folk filed a bug report so it’s impossible to know for sure.

But while bugs are always possible, it’s far more likely that these reports reflect a misalignment between expectations and the reality of slow sync.


Google bug 997

2 Jul 2009 by leni | 1 Comment

If you’re visiting this page because you clicked on a link in the addon, you’ve encountered Google GData bug 997.

Eudora contact sync

3 Mar 2009 by leni | No Comments

Eudora was a tremendously popular email client in it’s heyday and it still has lots of loyal users.  Nowadays, Eudora is essentially Thunderbird with a Eudora skin.

The Zindus addon mostly works in Eudora - with one caveat. (more…)