Google Contacts API bug 2649

If you are visiting this page because you encountered an error in the addon and clicked on a link, you’ve stumbled across Google Contacts API bug 2649.

The bug relates to the use of Google photo sync. A workaround is in addon versions 0.8.35 or later. Upgrade the addon in the normal way (Tools/Addons/Find Updates) and sync should work fine.


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One Response to “Google Contacts API bug 2649”

  1. ZE Says:

    From the July 8, 2011 comment in the bug tracker:
    “What it means is that the photo your application is requesting might have been coming from an upload made before the fix on write requests.”

    This suggests that it ought to work on a “go-forward” basis for new data. Based on this, does it make sense to allow the sync as an option in Zindus?

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