photo sync

Photo sync is finally here!

Upgrading to this release forces a slow-sync after which you’ll find that any contacts that have a photo in either Google or Thunderbird now have a matching photo on the other side!

Platforms that’s aren’t supported for photo sync - Zimbra, Postbox, SpiceBird, Thunderbird 2. Sorry folks - it’s a matter of limited resources.


Update 2011-05-03: photo sync promoted from the testing release to production.


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12 Responses to “photo sync”

  1. cabotine Says:

    oh no Zimbra support? what a pity!
    will you work on that?

  2. leni Says:

    @cabotine - would like to say yes but the honest answer is that there’s no plans to work on Zimbra photo sync - sorry.

  3. Tamalita Says:


  4. danny Says:

    Are there any chances that there is to be a photo sync with Postbox 2?

  5. Zindus: Kontakte zwischen Thunderbird und Gmail synchronisieren - Says:

    [...] mir regelmäßig beim synchen die Kontakte zerschossen! Zindus funktioniert da viel besser und synchronisiert seit gestern nun endlich auch die Kontaktfotos. Dies ist vor allem sehr praktisch, da ich diese nun in meinem Adressbuch in Windows einpflegen [...]

  6. leni Says:

    @danny - no short term plans for photo sync with Postbox 2, but it’s not ruled out.

  7. David Says:

    I’m pretty sure since I went to this version, syncing has stopped working entirely for me. I submitted a bug report.

  8. leni Says:

    @David, yep, you’ve encountered a bug specific to photo-sync. You should have received a reply to your bug report.

  9. ArkaneArkade Says:

    Is there a setting needed to enable photo sync? I’m running TB 5.0 and Zindus 0.8.33, but no photos appear to be syncing, either to or from Google (I added some images to both, on different contacts). Anything I’m missing?

  10. leni Says:

    @ArkaneArkade - 0.8.33 doesn’t support photo sync. photo sync is in 0.8.34 or later from

  11. Dave Says:

    Is there still no short-term plans for photo sync for postbox?

  12. leni Says:

    @Dave, sorry, no short-term plans for photo sync for postbox.

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