Google Contacts API bug 2351

If you’re visiting this page because you clicked on a link in the addon, you’ve encountered a race condition in the Google Contacts API. The bug has been reported to Google: bug 2531.


If you’ve encountered this bug, the addon will be out of sync with Google.


To get back into sync, Visit Tools/Zindus, then select ‘Reset’ then ‘Sync Now’.

More Information

When the addon adds a contact to Google, and two seconds later asks Google about recent changes, Google occasionally forgets to tell the addon about the contact that was recently added.

That’s an error. When asked, the Google Contacts APIĀ should always tell the addon about recently added contacts, regardless of whether they were added two seconds or two days ago.

To track progress on this bug, sign in to Google, visit the bug report and ’star’ the issue to be notified of any change.

Are you likely to encounter it again? Probably not. The bug doesn’t seem to be common. But it is currently the #1 most frequently reported bug.

If you do encounter this bug, you now know what it’s about and what to do!


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