google bug 1915

If the addon reports an assertion failure on line:


then you have encountered google bug 1915.

Status update: 6 April 2010 - workarounds for this bug are available:

  • the release: or later
  • the release: or later
  • the testing release is not vulnerable to this bug

To update the addon, visit Tools/Addons/Find Updates.

To get back into sync:

  • visit Tools/Zindus
  • select ‘Reset’ then ‘Sync Now’


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3 Responses to “google bug 1915”

  1. Nico Haase Says:

    Will you also update the testing release? Or is it safe and possible to update from the testing build to

  2. leni Says:

    Nico: the testing release isn’t exposed to the google bug, so you don’t have to upgrade to the production release stream to get the workaround.

    But if you do want to switch from testing to production for any reason:
    - install the production release
    - select Tools/Zindus/Reset

    The Reset ensures that the earlier version isn’t confronted with sync state left over from the later version.

  3. ronny tri Says:

    should be have an option one way sync zimbra –> tb or tb –> zimbra and gmail –> tb or tb –> gmail

    now we still must push reset button..

    thanks 4 all

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