Firefox contact sync

30 Nov 2009 by leni | 22 Comments

A question: is anyone interested in Firefox contact sync?

As an experiment, the testing release of the addon now includes a built-in SQLite addressbook that syncs with Google and Zimbra.

sync Google groups with Thunderbird addressbooks

9 Nov 2009 by leni | 43 Comments

The addon now syncs Google Groups with Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Postbox and Spicebird addressbooks.  The feature is available in release 0.8.15 and later.

slow sync and transparent behaviour

6 Nov 2009 by leni | 13 Comments

Two users recently tweeted that the addon creates duplicates.

If the addon really created duplicates it’d be a serious bug.  Neither of these folk filed a bug report so it’s impossible to know for sure.

But while bugs are always possible, it’s far more likely that these reports reflect a misalignment between expectations and the reality of slow sync.