spicebird contact sync

19 Jul 2009 by leni | 5 Comments

Today’s 0.8.12 release of the addon supports Google and Zimbra contact sync for Spicebird.

Spicebird is a mozilla-derived mail client from Synovel, which bundles Spicebird with their enterprise messaging collaboration product, CollabSuite.

Postbox contact sync

6 Jul 2009 by leni | 11 Comments

Google and Zimbra contact sync for Postbox is now supported by the addon.

Update 2009-07-12. This feature has moved out of testing into production (0.8.11).  Thanks to everyone who provided feedback!

Postbox is a mozilla-derived mail client with loads of features.  The company behind the client, Postbox Inc is a San Francsico-based startup founded by former Mozilla employees.

The Zindus addon currently uses the same Address Book backend for Postbox and Thunderbird, so if you read ‘Thunderbird’ in the FAQ, it’ll probably apply to Postbox too.

Google bug 997

2 Jul 2009 by leni | 1 Comment

If you’re visiting this page because you clicked on a link in the addon, you’ve encountered Google GData bug 997.