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Eudora was a tremendously popular email client in it’s heyday and it still has lots of loyal users.  Nowadays, Eudora is essentially Thunderbird with a Eudora skin.

The Zindus addon mostly works in Eudora - with one caveat.

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If you download the latest Eudora release and it is version 8.0.0b5 then under the covers it is actually Thunderbird 3.0b1pre.  The trouble is that the Zindus addon isn’t supported for pre-releases for reasons outlined in these comments.

Careful readers might ask why the addon installs into Thunderbird pre-releases at all.  The reason is that mozilla’s installation manifests don’t support the fine-grained control needed to allow beta 1 but disallow beta1-pre.

The Zindus addon checks to see whether it’s installed in a pre-release Thunderbird and if so, a friendly error message appears.  Eudora 8.0.0b5 users can bypass this check by tweaking the preference described under the “thunderbird 3″ text at the roadmap.  To set the preference, use the config editor under “Tools/Options/Advanced/General/Config Editor”.

With this safety-check bypassed, the addon will run in your pre-release Eudora.  But as with all pre-releases there’s always the possibility of an interface mismatch.  Interface mismatch failures are usually reported in the Tools/Error Console.  If you want to experiment with the latest version of the addon in your pre-release Thunderbird, have this window open on your first sync or two.

The addon version most likely to work in a pre-release Eudora is the one compatible with the Thunderbird release closest to the one your Eudora is based on.  For Eudora 8.0.0b5 that is Thunderbird 3.0b1.  A search for “Thunderbird 3″ in the release notes shows that version 0.8.5 was compatible with Tb3 3.0b1.  0.8.7 happens to work too.

This hassle for Eudora users should disappear entirely once Thunderbird 3 is released and Eudora is based on a stable version of Thunderbird.

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