cs-CZ, nl-NL, pt-BR

29 Jan 2009 by leni | No Comments

Today’s 0.8.6 release includes three new translations:

  • Czech: cs-CZ - thanks to fik
  • Dutch: nl-NL - thanks to: Joost de Bruijn
  • Brazilian portuguese: pt-BR - thanks to Luiz

For Google users, the release allows duplicate contacts and supports include/ignore of Suggested contacts.

Bugfixes are listed in the  release notes.

Synchronizing Google Contacts gets better with API v2

21 Jan 2009 by leni | 4 Comments

The zindus addon now uses version 2 of the Google Contacts API, which enables two new features:
* include/ignore of Suggested Contacts; and
* duplicate contacts.

Where Version 1 of Google’s Contacts API required users to de-duplicate contacts before establishing sync, Version 2 has no such requirement.

This allows the zindus addon to establish sync with Google immediately.  The dialog that enforced Google’s no-duplicate rule remains only to fix empty contacts.    Contact de-duplication can happen later or not at all.

These features are currently in testing, and will be in the 0.8.6 release.

Congratulations to the engineering talent at Google - great work!

Google Suggested Contacts: include or ignore

19 Jan 2009 by leni | 4 Comments

When you email someone for the first time, Google creates a Suggested Contact for you.

The addon lets you include or ignore such contacts when you sync with Thunderbird.

Suggested Contacts: include or ignore

By default, Suggested Contacts are included.

If you establish sync including Suggested Contacts, then later decide you don’t want Suggested Contacts, change the setting to Ignore. The next sync is a slow sync, in which the addon deletes Suggested Contacts from your Thunderbird addressbook.  Your addressbook is left with non-Suggested Contacts.

Change the setting back to Include to get Suggested Contacts back into Thunderbird.  Easy!