Multiple accounts

Today’s 0.8.0 release introduces loads of new features, including:

  • option to sync with multiple accounts: one zimbra plus multiple google
  • locale support for fr-FR and gl-ES
  • support for Thunderbird 3.0a3
  • performance and UI improvements

The first sync after an upgrade to this version is a slow sync.

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8 Responses to “Multiple accounts”

  1. Ken Arnold Says:

    I had not finished getting things in sync with the old version (Google -> Thunderbird worked, but Tbird -> Google had 37 conflicts), and just upgraded to the new version. The conflict resolution UI is certainly way better, but it didn’t actually work; Confirm did nothing. I got this in the Error Console:

    Error: a_gcch[key] has no properties
    Source File: chrome://zindus/content/googlerule.js
    Line: 337

  2. leni Says:

    Hi Ken, thanks for the bug report. Someone else had also reported this and it’s fixed in the current release: ie. 0.8.2 onwards.

    To confirm you’re on the latest release, do: Thunderbird Tools/Addons/Find Updates.

  3. Igor Lino Says:

    Hi There,

    Great addon.

    Any plans to support the Thunderbird 3 Beta1 ?


  4. leni Says:

    Hi Igor - support for Tb3.0b1 should be available in the testing release tomorrow (15 Dec) with a small possibility that it slips to the 17th. When the testing release is updated the releases notes are too, so have a look there tomorrow.

    Testing release

    Release notes:

  5. Tamas Forrai Says:

    Hi there
    I’m looking for this add-on since years, and I’m happy to find it,
    Is there any possibility to synchronize not only “personal addressbook” but other names as well? My Thunderbird’s (3.01) address book is distributed (Not as mailing lists!, but separate address books) like customers, grant applications, private, etc, How can I sync them with google?
    Thank you for your help in advance

  6. leni Says:

    @tamas, it sounds like you want this feature:

    Note that’s it’s currently only available in the testing release - likely to move into the production release feb 2010.

  7. Ilsa Says:

    I was just wondering why Zindus is limited to one zimbra server? I have two servers with contacts that I want to be able to synchronize with (but still kept separately from each other).

    Is it not possible to have separate address books for each zimbra server?


  8. leni Says:

    @Ilsa, I understand why you would like it but
    a) it is more complicated than it looks and
    b) although you aren’t the only person who wants this it is not a very common use-case.

    In short, it is because the additional development work and associated testing isn’t worth the payoff in terms of user-benefit.

    The zindus source code is on github now, so if you are a programmer or you know someone who is interested to work on it then I would certainly accept a patch. See:

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