de-DE translation

31 Oct 2008 by leni | 1 Comment

The de-DE translation is available in the 0.8.3 release, together with some minor bugfixes for Google users.

The first sync after an upgrade to this version is a slow sync.

If you sync with Google and experience a conflict after an upgrade to this version, it may relate to the bugfix for the Google ‘company’ and ‘title’ fields.  The conflict resolution UI will correctly select the Google version.  Simply click “confirm” and the next sync will work fine.

Multiple accounts

21 Oct 2008 by leni | 8 Comments

Today’s 0.8.0 release introduces loads of new features, including:

  • option to sync with multiple accounts: one zimbra plus multiple google
  • locale support for fr-FR and gl-ES
  • support for Thunderbird 3.0a3
  • performance and UI improvements

The first sync after an upgrade to this version is a slow sync.

Supported languages and call for translation

13 Oct 2008 by leni | 2 Comments

The Zindus addon now supports the following locales:

  • cs-CZ Czech / Česky
  • de-DE German / Deutsch
  • fr-FR French / Français
  • gl-ES Galician / Galego
  • hu-HU Hungarian / Magyar
  • it-IT Italian / Italiano
  • nl-NL Dutch / Nederlands
  • pt-BR Portuguese /Português (Brazil)
  • sv-SK Swedish / Svenska
  • uk-UA Ukrainian / украї́нська

If you would like to translate the addon into your language, please click on the “contact” link to get in touch.

Translations started that need help to finish:

  • pt-PT Portuguese /Português (Portugal) - 74% remains
  • tr-TR Turkish / Türkçe - 46% remains

The Google Thunderbird address book: staying in sync

6 Oct 2008 by leni | 105 Comments

Configuring sync with Google is easy.  Select an addressbook to sync with Google, and choose:

  • Personal Address Book if you want contacts auto-added by Thunderbird to appear in Google.  You’ll have one set of contacts.
  • zindus/ if you want to manage your Google contacts separately from other contacts.

When you first sync an addressbook, you may encounter Google’s rules for contacts:

  • an email address can only appear in one contact
  • no empty contacts

These rules are enforced in Gmail’s contact interface and to sync with Google, your Thunderbird addressbook must comply with them too. (more…)

testing release 2008-10-02

2 Oct 2008 by leni | 3 Comments

Today’s testing release has loads of new features, including the option to sync with multiple accounts.  See the release notes for details.  Feedback is welcome!

The first sync after an upgrade to this version is a slow sync.