Thunderbird Google Postal Address sync - Part Two

Today’s testing release introduces a feature to sync postal addresses between Thunderbird and Google.

An earlier blog entry on postal addresses began by noting the underlying difficulty of syncing Thunderbird and Google postal addresses because:

  • Thunderbird structures a postal address into several fields: street, city, state, postcode and country; whereas
  • Google has one free-format “postal address” field

Here’s how the postal address sync feature works.

The Zindus/Preferences/Advanced button opens a window which allows you to enable postal address sync. By default the feature is disabled.

Sync Google Postal Address

Once the feature is enabled, the next sync is a slow sync, in which each postal address in a Thunderbird contact is encoded as XML and written to the address field of the Google contact. Any text in the Google field is preserved in the <otheraddr> element.


Thunderbird Address Fields       Google Address Field
==========================       ====================
1 Example st                     a free-format address


Thunderbird Address Fields       Google Address Field
==========================       ====================
1 Example st                     <street> 1 Example st </street>
Melbourne                        <city> Melbourne </city>
Australia                        <country> Australia </country>
                                 <otheraddr> a free-format address </otheraddr>

This is a full two-way sync, so you can edit the XML in Google and see the changes in Thunderbird.

If you try this feature and don’t like it you can turn it off. The next sync after the feature is disabled is a slow sync in which the process described above is reversed. The XML that the addon introduced into the Google address field is removed. The text that had been preserved in the <otheraddr> element is restored.

Here are some reasons why you might not want to use this feature:

  • you don’t like looking at XML in Gmail because it’s ugly,
  • you find that the Google Maps button in Gmail doesn’t work because Google Maps doesn’t understand XML
  • you notice that if you edit the XML in Google and break the XML syntax, the addon thinks that the XML has been removed from Google, and the address parts of the Thunderbird contact are deleted!

We realise this feature isn’t for everyone. That’s why it’s disabled by default. This feature is being introduced because the response to the earlier blog post on postal addresses made it clear that some users really want their Thunderbird postal addresses synced with Google! Despite it’s limitations, the approach described here is better than nothing, and as the person who first emailed in asking for something to be done wrote:

The spirit is: given that comprehensive synchronization is impossible, please give me a way to see the addresses of my Thunderbird contact list in Gmail.

If you’d like to do some more reading on postal addresses in Google and Thunderbird, here’s some references:

  • a discussion thread on the Google Contacts API developers list. A developer there suggested using Google’s geocoding API to match postal address formats. An excellent idea but unfortunately the Google Maps terms of service don’t allow it.

Google hadn’t contributed to that discussion at the time of this writing.

  • a discussion thread on the Thunderbird developers list looking at changes to the handling of postal address for Thunderbird 3.

Happy syncing!


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78 Responses to “Thunderbird Google Postal Address sync - Part Two”

  1. Markus Says:

    The XML won’t be to everyone’s taste but it works for me - thanks!

  2. carl Says:

    I agree. For those who really need it, this sync solution seemes to be ok for now (I think I will leave it disabled at the moment). Let’s hope google will make a more elegant solution soon.

    This zindus extension is really promising. Now I really hope support for google contact groups ( thunderbird contact lists) will be implemented. Keep up the good work!

  3. Zindus » Blog Archive » Says:

    [...] For Google users, this release includes an optional feature to sync postal addresses. [...]

  4. Pete Says:

    Are there plans to implement sync between Google Groups and Thunderbird Lists?

    I can’t tell you how useful this feature would be to me.


  5. leni Says:

    @Pete - yes, Google Groups will eventually sync with Thunderbird mailing lists. The current plan is that this feature will co-incide with release of Thunderbird 3. See the roadmap.

  6. 56ksurfer Says:

    What about syncing the thunderbird address fields into the google address field?
    In a fix or maybe user defined format. for example:

    -street: Example st
    -number: 1
    -postcode: 12345
    -town: Melbourne
    -country: Australia

    == > into ==>

    Google freeform field:
    Example st 1
    12345 Melbourne

    if every syncclient a person uses does the same it works fine. That would be cool to sync with the iphone. which does it like in the example above.

  7. 56ksurfer Says:

    .. correction: iphone does not sync it. does it this way!

  8. Olli Says:

    Even if the proposal of 56ksurfer is not synchronized with the iphone or other mobile phones, I would realy like to have a “human readable” address on google side. You could realize this as an option.

    That would be a great feature!

    If someone add address text which is not conform to this syntax on the google side, he should live with wrong synchronization.

    Another possibility (or option) would be to synchronize address fields only from Thunderbird -> Goggle and not vice versa.

    Thanks for your great work!

  9. frombrosis Says:

    Keep up the good work Zindus people! It’s really frustrating to think in 2008 we still can’t something as simple as a unified address book system. Sure there is to some extent “standardisation” however, in all honesty, we shouldn’t *need* Zindus in the first place to keep things in sync.

    Anyway, this solution is not for me unfortunately, as I want to keep my Gmail contact list neat and tidy… A real shame, hopefully Google one day allow for more fields in their postal address contact system.

  10. fnog Says:

    I second an option for one-way synchronizing Thunderbird into Google contacts. As for me, google is the mediator from which I sync office, home, mobile phone and ipod touch as well as portable USB software, I would find it prudent to go with the more advanced storage format (thunderbird), sync this to google as human-readable text, which will then forward this to handheld devices via nuevasync or somesuch…

    also, what about a solution that used a fixed-format approach, for example a comma delimited approach which would simply leave missing fields empty, ie:

    using the above example:
    -street/Address: Rudolfstraße 1
    -postcode: 8010
    -town: Graz
    -country: Austria

    with syntax , , , ,
    to google:

    Rudolfstraße 130, 8010, Graz, , Austria

    this also correctly parses in google maps and might be snychable back to thunderbird if empty fields simply produce an extra comma.

  11. matze Says:

    I tried to use the XML format for postal adress and coudn’t find the schema file for the given ULR: Maybe it’s just a broken link.

    By the way: it is just a horrible theme.

  12. leni Says:

    matze - the schema file doesn’t exist. That’s pretty normal - see wikipedia. The reason it’s there is to distinguish format versions if/when Thunderbird’s postal address fields change.

    A new theme is on the todo list :-)

  13. David Taber Says:

    Address sync w/google — the XML strategy you have functions, but is it functional? Who would want the address stored that way?

    As has been suggested by many others, just using line-feeds to bi-directionally transform the T’Bird address fields into a Google field would work fine for me…why not have that as an option in the dialog box. Seems like it ought to be pretty straightforward, even though it will goof up some addresses in T’Bird’s window that’s not the end of the universe.

  14. John Vandervort Says:

    Address sync is working in 0.8.5, but it has one annoying feature. If I add a new sync point and forget to check the address sync box, it clears all of the addresses out of google. Not too fun.

  15. leni Says:

    Hi John - there’s an bug/enhancement request filed for this. Most likely, the fix will be for the second Thunderbird to ask before removing the postal fields at Google.

    In the meantime, here is a suggestion:
    1. Make sure both Thunderbirds have “postal address sync” enabled.
    2. in the first Thunderbird, click Reset then Sync Now. That will repopulate postal address fields at Google.
    3. in the second Thunderbird, click Reset then Sync Now. That will populate the postal address fields in the second Thunderbird.

    Hope that makes sense!

  16. warakurna Says:


    I tried Zindus today with postal address sync. It works good, but looks like a mess. Is it possible to work out another design to get it working? Is there still something going to give it a nicer look?


  17. sometech Says:

    Can you give a third option where it just parses it by standard address?

    I don’t see why that would not work TB -> Google. For the Google -> TB, some fields might get messed up but better than my surprise at not having any addresses in my iphone.

    Thanks for making this app!

  18. moesfeld Says:

    +1 on the above post
    I´m syncing my Windows Mobile Phone with googles new (beta) google sync and when entering the address in this way in gmail

    everything syncs fine in both ways no need for xml tags. Just make shure there are NO empty lines that will mess it up again. (Well works on first save/sync and later on sync it will continue to work but once changed manually it will mess up again.)
    Since google seems to use the field in this way themselves with google sync I guess it could be called a “standard”

    It´s just the same with the name field: The part before the first whitespace is the firstname and the part after the last whitespace is the family name and everything inbetween is the middle name (oh surprise so “Firstname Middle name Lastname” would give the right result but “First name Middle name Last name” won´t wierd :-)

    Thats only for syncing with Windows Mobile but I guess it´s the same for the IPhone too and any other “official sync” by google

    P.s.: Can´t wait for the mailing list feature would make my HOMEPC/WORKPC/MOBILEPHONE Setup perfect (well once I got push email up and running)

    Great App

  19. user Says:

    +1 on fnog’s proposal.
    I use zindus and then google sync to sync my google contacts with my blackberry, but because of the xml tags neither google nor the blackberry can use the address information. I believe that the fixed format delimited with commas or similar that fnog proposes would be a better solution. Maybe include it as an option?
    Otherwise, great software!

  20. leni Says:

    Just to note that a feature request (Gdata issue #1004) has been filed at Google to support differentiated postal fields. You can “star” the issue to track changes from Google’s end.

  21. Bryan Says:

    Zindus has really saved my bacon since Plaxo quit supporting sync with Thunderbird (why they stopped I don’t know). Personally, I hate GMail but got an account just so I could pimp it out for syncing my various Thunderbird clients on different machines.
    The address thing will certainly be helpful for me since I will only be glancing at my GMail address book occasionally to make sure the sync is happening properly.

    Wouldn’t it be great if all the powers of the New World Order got together and declared a universal address book format that is standard throughout the Galactic Empire?

  22. Daniel Einspanjer Says:

    The XML format just isn’t that useful for humans.
    I’d recommend either using csv as mentioned above, or YAML ( Both provide enough structure for Zindus to parse them back out, but they are also much more human readable.

  23. leni Says:

    @Daniel, after experimenting with your yaml suggestion it looks like the markup interferes with Google’s geocoder in undesirable ways. More generally, it seems there’s no way of adding text to an address and have the text ignored by the Google Maps geocoder.

  24. leni Says:

    Given the interest in the .csv approach it has been added to the roadmap.

  25. Daniel Einspanjer Says:

    @leni, Wow. Thank you very much for taking interest in my suggestion and also thank you for testing it thoroughly to make sure that it had no adverse effects. :)

    It is good to hear that the csv approach might become a feature.

  26. nomnex Says:

    I am trying Zindus Add-on. I will have a few questions coming

    Q1. Is there a place (a board) I can ask general questions regarding Zindus? It is a bit time consuming to find the right blog archive to post when you are a new comer.

    Q2. Thunderbird > Google: sync the contacts/addresses works fine (xml tags). it does not work on the opposite way for me: Google > Thunderbird.
    Missing fields in TB after sync a new contact entered in Google:

    Name first: empty
    Name last: empty
    Display: Full name (if this is by design, it means every contacts have to be corrected manually in TB?!?)

    Home address: empty
    Work address: emtpy

    The only info I found was on the release note - about the address only:
    2009-03-23 - 0.8.8
    * Google: postal xml feature was broken for new contacts

    The way I understand sync is a both ways sync for modified contacts and new contacts added either in TB either in Google.

    I will be notified via e-mail and I am glad to have some feedback. Thanks

  27. nomnex Says:

    By the way, am I assuming correctly address XML tags have to be entered manually for each new contact in Google, as the following example:

    1 Example st
    a free-format address

    Either with/without tags, addresses do not show up in TB when I sync new contacts entered in Google.

  28. leni Says:

    a) no forum as yet - you’re the first person to ask. Blog has worked ok so far but if other folk want one, speak up! email is another option - click on the ’support’ link
    b) yes, if you create a contact at google and want the postal address to sync with tb, it has to have the right xml format. The best way to get the format is to start with a sample. To get a sample, populate the postal address fields of a tb contact, then sync. Then from within gmail, copy/paste the xml into your new contact. Click ’save’ then from tb click ’sync now’. Hey presto your new contact appears in tb with postal address fields populated. If you try this and it doesn’t work, please file a bug.

  29. nomnex Says:

    Hi leni, thanks for the quick feedback and posts deletion. I am good with the addresses now.

    >it has to have the right xml format

    It would have save me time if it was clearly stated - in plain English (not native here) e.g. to import Google contact’s addresses in TB you have to use the same xml tags generated when you sync TB > Google. (+ a print screen of the complete xml tags).

    I have reproduced the xml example above on you blog at first, and that did not work. I hope this post will help others.

    Yes, I would be glad to be able to post on a forum. Not to mention the search feature, a clear indication of the threads: support/news/feature requests/discussions, and the subscribe or bookmark feature, and a special mention to the edit/delete feature ;-)

    This is a bit out topic, but how can I have the first/second name correctly imported on TB from Google, so far both fields remain empty. The full name is sync to the display name field on TB.


  30. leni Says:

    @nomnex, it sounds like you would like the addon to parse Google FullName into Tb First+Last. I’ll note that you’ve expressed an interest in it but being honest I’ll say that this feature would only get added very reluctantly, because that kind of parsing can never work 100% correctly and correctness is important! Also, fyi:
    (1) Thunderbird gives you some some control over what you see in the AddressBook view, see AddressBook/View/Show Name As
    (2) the best-case scenario around First/Last name would if Google added support for them explicitly. It’s particularly important to folk who want to sync to/from Google and windows mobile devices, see:

  31. nomnex Says:

    Hi, posted on Google

    [quote]Hi, I am a Thunderbird user and a Zindus sync add-on user. YES! I would like Google
    to parse the FullName into First+Last. It is a real pain to edit every new sync
    contact’s name in Thunderbird.

    This comment worth for any other Gmail contact fields. The Gmail contact blocks date
    back from 2004, Could Google change them into contact fields for the sake of
    compatibility and interoperability with Thunderbird and other software.

    I don’t see the point to go midway? If the API is available, the Gmail contact should
    use fields at once vs. blocks.

    Thank you[/quote]

  32. leni Says:

    Breaking news: Google released Contacts API v3 the day before yesterday and it supports structured postal addresses! This promises to vastly improve postal address sync between Thunderbird and Google and from Google to mobile devices.

    Congratulations to Google for listening to users and delivering what looks like a good solution.

    The next release of the addon will support v3 of the Google Contacts API. Assuming the Google feature works as advertised, the addon’s postal-address-as-XML feature will disappear.

  33. nomnex Says:

    That’s a welcome news.

  34. Hari Says:

    I use Thunderbird with the google contact sync addon.
    I am wondering what to do about syncing addresses in google contacts with Thunderbird.
    I rear all the above posts. When is the next release of the addon which supports v3?
    I can do a beta test if you like.

    Keep up the good work. I am trying to get away from MS Outlook and use google contacts as my
    main database and Thunderbird as the client.

  35. leni Says:

    @Hari asked: When is the next release of the addon which supports v3?

    Support for Google Contacts API v3 won’t be released until Google resolves the API’s teething issues, which a Google employee wrote might take a “few weeks”. If you want to follow it up, feel free to subscribe to the Google Contacts Developer list and post a question there.

    Thanks for the offer of beta testing, it’s really useful. To be a beta-tester, install the testing release.

  36. leni Says:

    status update on google’s bugfixes for structured address parsing: it’s in the works

  37. Prosoxi All about Development & Design » Blog Archive » Google and Zimbra contact sync for Thunderbird Says:

    [...] Postal addresses fields aren’t synced by default because of differences in field formats, but there is a workaround.  See the blog post on Google and Thunderbird postal addresses. [...]

  38. Mike Says:

    Zindus is great, but it’s a shame about the address synchronization problems. The XML is a problem - I synchronize my addresses from Google to my WinMo phone, and then use these in the Google Maps application. This doesn’t understand the XML, so the addresses cannot be used to lookup locations. The linefeed or CSV option would be better for this.

    However, I have just been experimenting with using non-printing control characters to delimit the fields - they are preserved by Google Contacts. The Unicode character U+200B is a zero width space, and could be used to delimit the fields, whilst retaining proper formatting. It might make editing the contacts in the Google web interface little tricky, but I suspect that most people will edit their contacts in Thunderbird. It avoids the problem of having to handle commas in the address, and keeps the address format neat.

    I’m hoping to hack together some proof-of-concept code, but just have to learn Java first :-)

  39. Dave Taber Says:

    MIKE — Yikes!

    Good idea, but these kind of non-printing characters can mess up all kinds of other apps that need to sync with Google’s contact database. For example, there are at least three separate ways to sync an iPhone with Google (like I do), and they’re liable to develop all kinds of new bugs with non-printing characters. Same thing applies to CSV dumps of Google contacts to Excel or Outlook.

    I’m not saying you’ve got a bad idea, but it will definitely need a lot of compatibility testing. I’m volunteering…

  40. Mike Says:

    Hi Dave,

    Yes, it’s possibly a bit risky! I have just the Outlook CSV export from Google Contacts, and it does make a mess of exporting the zero-width space. However, the combination of Google Sync and Active Sync successfully updated the contacts on my Windows Mobile device.

    Perhaps the user could be allowed to choose the field delimiter. My initial tests have shown that the zero-width space delimiter would work for me, but you’re right that it won’t work across the board - as the CSV dump has shown.

    Bring on the structured address format!

  41. Mike Says:

    I’ve just noticed that the Google Mail web interface allows multiple home and work addresses to be added. If the contacts are exported to a CSV file, the additional addresses are stored in the notes field, after any notes. The additional addresses are separated from the notes by two carriage return + line feed pairs (0d 0a 0d 0a), and prefixed with either ‘Home Address:’ or ‘Work Address:’.

    As the address book in Thunderbird only allows for one home and one work address, could the plain, human readable address be stored in the primary Google address fields (work and home), and the XML versions be stored as additional addresses - assuming the API allows access to these additional addresses?

    Zindus could then correctly parse the addresses by accessing the additional address fields, and also provide readable versions. Exports to CSV and vCards work correctly, as does Google Sync.

    One downside is that the notes field in CSV files exported from the Google Mail web interface will be populated with some XML, but that’s probably better for most people than having the XML in the primary address fields.

    Having the two addresses would also create a potential problem for those who want to edit their contacts via the web interface. They would either have to edit both the formatted and XML copies, or edit just the XML copy and allow Zindus to update the formatted copy on the next sync.

  42. leni Says:

    status update from Google on parsing free-format into structured postal addresses. It boils down to: “we’re working on it”.

  43. Dan Sumption Says:


    I’ve been using Zindus succesfully for some time now, it’s been really helpful. However, I’ve now switched to an Android phone, and having all this XML clogging up my address fields is really annoying (and is preventing me from using maps & other functions). Is there an easy way to strip it out again?


  44. leni Says:

    @Dan, to remove the XML from Google, visit Tools/Zindus/Advanced then set the postal address radiobutton to “not synced” then OK and “Sync Now”.

  45. Dan Says:

    Thanks Leni, but I just tried that and it seems to have removed the addresses from Google entirely, rather than just removing the XML.

  46. leni Says:

    @Dan, yes, sorry, currently the only way to sync postal addresses with Google is via XML. As soon as Google gets their address parsing feature working the addon will use it and you’ll be able to sync your Thunderbird postal address with Google without XML. Meantime, it’s either “no postal address sync” or “sync postal addresses using XML”.

  47. Dan Says:

    OK. My original thought was that perhaps I could run some sort of regexp script to strip the XML out of the Google fields - and stop keeping it in sync with the Thunderbird addresses. Anyone know whether/how that might be possible?

  48. Alf Says:

    Firstly, thank you for your work.
    But is there anyone can tell me what can make the XML format in the mailing address of the contact Gmail?
    Even Google Maps does not know how to interpret that!
    Yet there are simple solutions that do not generate any problem :
    This is the case with Google Sync application on my Blackberry. We just have to follow a simple rule with a line for each address element in the address field of the contact Gmail.
    Certes, he would observe this rule when we should enter the address in Gmail, but it remains a good compromise, right?
    So why not simply offer this option?
    Best regards
    Alain LE FLOCH

  49. Sven Says:

    What is about parsing free-format into structured postal addresses?
    I need it!!!

  50. leni Says:

    @Sven, @Alf the direction for the addon is to leverage Google’s postal address parsing feature.

    To summarise the current status: Google has announced this feature but it is not yet implemented.

    To track progress, you can ’star’ the relevant bug to be notified of any changes.

  51. Ken Johnson Says:

    I just used the Other>Notes field for the addresses. Not perfect, but the info is there.

  52. Rob M Says:

    Is the XML-workaround supposed to be working with Thunderbird 3.0b4? It actually doesn’t seem to change anything in the adress field in gmail contacts.

  53. leni Says:

    @RobM - which version of the addon are you using? It’s working fine in the testing release.

  54. Rob M Says:

    @leni - ok, it actually is working. I should have read the manual once again.

    I was working with the right release. But I had all my addresses in my GMail Account and none in the Thunderbird Address Book. I was kind of expecting that the first sync would change all my addresses in the gmail contacts into the xml-format - of course leaving the street-, city- and country-field empty while moving the actual address into the otheraddr-field. I was waiting for that changes to be done after syncing so i could go into my gmail contacts and cut&paste the street, city, and country from the otheraddr-field into the right xml-statement-fields.

    I’ve now tried it the other way around - as it is supposed to be done - and yep, it works fine. Doesn’t help me too much since all my contacts are as i said in my gmail contacts - but I know it’s not your fault :).

    However, Zindus is a really great add-on and makes it much more easier to work, I appreciate all your work on it.

  55. leni Says:

    @RobM - no worries, thanks for letting me know.

    When google’s postal-address-parsing feature is released then your postal addresses at Google should just appear in Thunderbird without you having to do anything. That’s the plan anyway.

  56. leni Says:

    Latest status update on Google postal address parsing. In short: Google is still working on it.

  57. R. Says:

    I’m currently viewing this post in the Preference menu of Zindus, and I’m afraid I’m stuck there… I can’t go bac to the prefs without killing TB !

    My config : Macbook Pro, Snow Leopard, TB 3.0

  58. leni Says:

    @R, thanks for the bug report. It’s caused by a platform difference b/n tb2 and tb3. It’ll be fixed in the next release.

  59. LairBob Says:

    STILL having the problem with looking at this post through the add-on’s Pref menu, and having no way to close this window now without nuking TB.

    FWIW, same config as “R.” above: Macbook Pro, Snow Leopard, TB3.0

  60. leni Says:

    @LairBob, I’d guess you might have encountered a TB 3.0 mozilla bug, see the discussion on it here.

    The testing release has a workaround for it.

  61. Mark Says:

    Is there any progress on the postal address sync?
    I see issue 1004 still there with Low priority. Argh

  62. leni Says:

    @Mark, there has been no visible progress from Google on postal address addresses since this note almost 10 months ago.

  63. Richard Simon Says:


    First, my compliments on Zindus - it is a great tool. Thanks for the hard work!

    Second: I would like to ask if you all could be proactive and create an option to sync to Google addresses using some variation of text+separator as discussed above (commas would be fine!) for the forward sync to Google. This seems relatively easy - and the option box could have the explanation of fields. Otherwise, waiting until Google fixes things on their end could be a long wait!

    The power of (for example) properly formatted addresses synced TBird Google mobile device with Google Maps is compelling. If I understand things, the users who might choose this option would have to structure any addresses entered in Google with, say, 6 comma separated fields for Google to TBird syncing to work, but that seems much easier than the current XML based scheme. Thus what I am saying (echoing sentiments above) is:

    - For sync TBird -> Google, the address would be entered into TBird as usual, and would appear in Google with comma separators (and comma - space for missing fields).

    For addresses entered directly into Google contacts list, the needed fields would be
    addressline1, addressline2, city, state/province, zip/postalcode, country
    (missing fields would result in ” , , ” to keep things simple for humans) . A simple test worked as desired with Google maps, e.g.
    El Radal 80, , Lo Barnechea, Santiago, , Chile
    worked including the extra commas as shown for an address here in Chile (using postal codes is not common!).

    - For sync Google -> TBird, the users would have to include place holders for all the fields whether used or not. This seems MUCH easier and simpler than the XML scheme.

    Thanks for considering this, and again, thanks for the great work!

  64. fan Says:

    hey guys,

    thats the best google - thunderbird sync i know! so please make it possible to sync the address without xml and use “,” like Richard Simon wants

    thanks a lot !!!!!

  65. leni Says:

    A summary of the history and current status:

    In short: nothing has changed!

  66. David Rees Says:

    gsyncit handles this very well for Outlook/Gmail without needing to use XML. Please look at moving to separators, I personally don’t find XML it a viable option because it doesn’t work right in apps like Maps.

  67. Brandon St.Michael Says:

    I’m looking at my Gmail today and see that there’s a new “Address Details” field that nicely divides up the addresses much like Thunderbird. Does that make syncing any easier?

  68. asomy Says:

    Yes, I noticed that, too. I was really excited about that - after years of waiting/hoping..
    Can we look out for a soon update? :-))

  69. Adam Jones Says:

    yes please please zindus make a new update to take advantage of the address details feature. it drives me mad that my addresses appear in xml on my android phone.

  70. g4b0 Says:

    +1 please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please sync the address :)

  71. Penguin Says:

    Could Zindus please comment if they are working on implementing a better Thunderbird to Gmail sync now that the detailed address feature has been put into Gmail or is Zindus no longer being updated? Also is there anything in the pipeline for groups syncronisation? The product is amazing aside from these two things

  72. ziguri Says:

    Well, a syncing feature for postal addresses would really be very helpful.
    Does Zindus plan to implement the detailed address sync soon?

  73. Heribert Says:

    Is there anything new about this issue? I would really appreciate to be able to synch postal adresses properly with Gmail which I am also using as a hub to also synch with my iPad.

    I think I could also do without a 2-way synch but I want the addresses be readable and usable everywhere. Maybe you can add the option to synch postal addresses only 1-way Thunderbird > Gmail into the free text field.

  74. Albert Macnevin Says:

    Really Good blog, keeping me from working.  Love reading about anti-virus.

  75. Ed Says:

    Here is a thought, not the best or perfect fix, but could work.

    The name fields in Tbird only sync the display name with Google. Why not add another field in Tbird for address that would work in the same fashion. For a “less cluttered look” put the “address display fields” on the “other tab” in the edit address window

    This way the user could have the option of entering in a “display address” that would sync with Google. And/or if entered in Google, the user would have the info in Tbird to cut and past, much like done now with the names field.

    Or, make the address fields in Tbird work like Outlook, where the user can enter in the [keeping terminology the same] address display field and “double click” to open a window for the independent or separate address fields.

    On another note - Categories [ie Outlook] for the address book using the group membership field in Google. And adding a “display by” or “View by” options in Tbird for the address book.

  76. miles Says:

    Today re-enabled Zindus in Thunderbird for the first time in a couple of months and synced with Google, but no changes were made in TB when there should have been about 30. Tried it again with Firefox/Google Contacts closed down, no change. Closed & re-opened TB and tried it again, still no change.

    What’s up, is Zindus 0.8.38 dead?

  77. Felix Says:

    Have you seen this? Version 3 of the API supports real addresses.

    Thanks for the nice add-on,


  78. book car graz Says:

    Thanks for finally talking about > Zindus Blog Archive Thunderbird Google Postal Address sync - Part Two < Loved it!

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