release 0.7.5 and Thunderbird Google address sync

30 Apr 2008 by leni | 26 Comments

0.7.5 is a bugfix release.

Before work starts on the next release we’re inviting feedback from Gmail users on a question that often gets asked:

why doesn’t the addon sync Thunderbird postal addresses with Google?

There’s a reason why Thunderbird and Google postal addresses don’t sync.

A contact sync server for Thunderbird

22 Apr 2008 by leni | 1 Comment

Here’s a short overview of the Zindus addon for Thunderbird.

What is the Zindus addon?

The addon is a sync server specializing in contacts and address books.

It’s purpose is to bring free (open-source) and easy-to-use contact sync to Thunderbird.

A contact sync server

Much of the contact data that Thunderbird should sync with lives in applications that aren’t sync-aware. The Google Contacts and Zimbra APIs are two examples. Somewhere along the line, a sync server is required to orchestrate a sync.

release 0.7.3 - bugfix release

16 Apr 2008 by leni | No Comments

This is a bugfix update to yesterday’s release. The timer that initiated the background Zimbra sync wasn’t working. Thanks to OlaP and BasS for pointing this out!

release 0.7.1 - Thunderbird Google contact sync

15 Apr 2008 by leni | 3 Comments

Zindus now syncs Google Contacts with Thunderbird’s Personal Address Book.

This means that you can now access your Gmail, Google Reader or Google Calendar contacts in Thunderbird. And vice-versa.

Read more in the FAQ or download the extension and try it out.

Zimbra users haven’t been forgotten in this release, which includes the #1 feature requested by Zimbra users - support for shared addressbooks. Bug fixes are listed in the release notes.

PS: If there are Hotmail users out there who’d be interested in having their Windows Live contacts synced with Thunderbird - please drop us a line!

testing release 2008-04-02 - shared addressbooks

2 Apr 2008 by leni | No Comments

The testing release now supports shared addressbooks.

This is the most common feature request by Zindus users and we’re happy to announce it.

See the FAQ for how it works, or try it out by downloading the testing release.

Current users of the testing release: simply update in the usual way: Thunderbird/Tools/Addons/Find Updates.