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zindus end of life

10 Jul 2013 by leni | No Comments

The zindus add-on is coming to the end of it’s life.

I’ve written about the reasons for why I’m winding back my involvement with the addon here:

The current release of the add-on won’t be updated unless any security or stability issues emerge.

And when Thunderbird 24 is released around 17th of September 2013, the add-on won’t upgrade.

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thunderbird 15 broke the addon - now fixed

2 Sep 2012 by leni | 3 Comments

Thunderbird 15 broke the zindus addon and the bug didn’t get noticed until too late.

The bug has been fixed in release 0.8.41 and later. If you’re using a version that you downloaded from you can simply upgrade in the usual way (eg stop and restart Thunderbird).

If you’re using a version installed from you’ll have to wait for their normal review processes to play out.  I’ve asked for the review to be expedited but their editorial resources are stretched pretty thin.  You’ll know that it’s been processed when you see version 0.8.42 listed at:

For developers: if you’re interested to know what the problem was, the fix is on github.  The breakage happened because XMLHttpRequest started respecting headers containing null values.  Google quite reasonably began responding with http status code 406:  No acceptable type available.  The fix is to not pass headers containing null values to XMLHttpRequest - a silly thing to do in the first place.

Looking forward, it’s hard to promise that this won’t happen again.

Thunderbird recently changed its release cycle from twice a year to once every six weeks.  It presents a huge challenge in terms of testing.  Your humble developer can’t simply use the beta release of Thunderbird in day to day work because other critical addons (esp Lightning) aren’t always available in the beta release stream.

The Thunderbird team have decided (rightly or wrongly I don’t know) to trade improved security and stability that come with more frequent releases of the base product, at the cost of increased likelihood of breakage in addons.

photo sync temporarily disabled

27 Sep 2011 by leni | 5 Comments

After receiving some bug reports from users regarding photo sync, the feature has been disabled in production release 0.8.37.

Photo sync will remain disabled until the issue is resolved.

Sorry folks.  This is bad news for everyone who really likes photo sync (who doesn’t!).  But the addon’s longstanding policy of prioritizing correctness over features really does work in everyone’s best interests.

Photo sync is still available in the testing release.

Google Contacts API bug 2649

5 Jul 2011 by leni | 1 Comment

If you are visiting this page because you encountered an error in the addon and clicked on a link, you’ve stumbled across Google Contacts API bug 2649.

The bug relates to the use of Google photo sync. A workaround is in addon versions 0.8.35 or later. Upgrade the addon in the normal way (Tools/Addons/Find Updates) and sync should work fine.

photo sync

26 Apr 2011 by leni | 12 Comments

Photo sync is finally here!

Upgrading to this release forces a slow-sync after which you’ll find that any contacts that have a photo in either Google or Thunderbird now have a matching photo on the other side!

Platforms that’s aren’t supported for photo sync - Zimbra, Postbox, SpiceBird, Thunderbird 2. Sorry folks - it’s a matter of limited resources.


Update 2011-05-03: photo sync promoted from the testing release to production.

Google Contacts API bug 2351

24 Apr 2011 by leni | No Comments

If you’re visiting this page because you clicked on a link in the addon, you’ve encountered a race condition in the Google Contacts API. The bug has been reported to Google: bug 2531.

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Google postal address sync - part three

20 Sep 2010 by leni | 29 Comments

It has been almost two years since our last post on google postal address sync. Given that better postal address sync is still the #1 most requested feature for the Zindus addon, it is time for a status update. Read the rest of this entry »

Zimbra 6.x birthday field

29 Apr 2010 by leni | 12 Comments

For Zimbra users, here is a brief explanation for why sync of birthday field between Thunderbird 3 and Zimbra was added in 0.8.15 and why it will likely be removed in 0.8.16.
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google bug 1915

30 Mar 2010 by leni | 3 Comments

If the addon reports an assertion failure on line:


then you have encountered google bug 1915.
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Firefox contact sync

30 Nov 2009 by leni | 22 Comments

A question: is anyone interested in Firefox contact sync?

As an experiment, the testing release of the addon now includes a built-in SQLite addressbook that syncs with Google and Zimbra.
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